Wednesday, February 13, 2013

9 Months already?!

I can't believe it.
My boy is grown up. 9 months old already-when did that happen?? He is so big. Well, big to us. We had his doctor's appointment on Friday, and he is actually really small. He only weighs 16 lbs, but thankfully he has grown much taller-he is now 28"! He's going to be tall and skinny. The doctor said that he is getting enough calories thankfully, since he is growing taller. He now has 4 teeth-that was fun, since three of them came in at the same time-a week after his first tooth came in. But he is over that now, and loving not being sick anymore! he had a fever of 102 and scared us for a little bit-he was so groggy and just wanted to snuggle all day (which is very unusual for him). But, he is back. And I love playing with him. His favorite game to play is hide and seek. He will play with me for an hour or so. We have 4 different hiding spots in the house, and if I go to a "non-regular" one, then he will either pass right by me, or not want to play anymore. It's so cute.

Scott LOVES daddy time. Absolutely loves it. So much so that he doesn't want daddy to leave. Because when he sees that he's stuck with mommy again, he will start crying. I love seeing KC and Scott playing together. They love each other so much.

Scotty can also now eat anything! Well, mostly anything anyways. He hates green beans, never has liked them. He loves apple sauce, and carrots. Which I am glad that he likes some vegetables and not just fruits.

Oh, I gave the lesson in Primary on Sunday. Boy, was that fun. I barely got through the lesson. The kids were crazy. That is one thing that is hard about teaching that young of an age (4 year olds). They have such short attention spans, and really need activities to do. So, the last 20 minutes of class, we had paper airplane throwing contests. Yes, I know, it isn't very spiritual, but they had a ton of fun, and I was almost able to make it through the end of the lesson. So yes, if you teach little kids, they love matching games and paper airplanes. I am teaching this week again, so I hope that it goes better than last week. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Falling, crawling and Wheels

Are you proud? It has only been 9 days since I posted last-Here's a start to the new year!

Scotty has been crawling like crazy. He started when he was about 7 months, and he LOVES it. He wasn't quite sure about it at first-he loved his army crawling, but he has now learned that crawling on all fours is WAY faster. He is now our little terrorist, and I can't believe that the day has come so quickly that we have to baby proof our house. He's so big! He has one tooth now that is still growing in-but it is SUPER sharp. I didn't even know how sharp a tooth can be.
He has also learned how to stand up. on Everything. and I mean everything. He'll crawl straight into the bathroom and climb right up onto the bathtub and knock everything into the tub, then he'll go right to the toilet and start hitting the lid like a drum. He has also learned how to pull our movies out, and he loves it. When he wakes up in the morning, he'll stand in his crib and just talk to himself while hitting the side of it. I love it! The only thing I don't like is when he falls. He had his first goose egg (luckily it didn't last very long, we tried getting a picture, but it didn't work out too well). He falls ALL the time. I guess it's the process of learning. He's going to be walking soon and it kind of scares me.
Wheels wheels Wheels. He can't get enough of them. He loves all kinds of wheels. Big ones, small ones, moving ones, ones on carts, some on strollers, grandpa's power chair, his little toy car, his big toy truck. No matter the size, he will go straight for them. It is impossible to take him to the grocery store with just one of us, because he will wiggle and wiggle so he can see the cart's wheels. It is so hilarious, but yet frustrating at the same time!

Becca's birthday has come and gone. We did a Megamind birthday party for her. (We now have a tradition in our family of doing birthday parties like you would for little kids). It was super fun! We played tape the baby next to metro man, "Destroy" Titan, and you had to build something out of straws and duct tape that would withhold the most amount of weight! To top it off, we wore blue balloons on our heads with Megamind faces drawn on. We had a delicious pumpkin dessert for cake also. It was fun-we love hanging out with family!

This is my favorite face. IT is his trademark face.

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Years Resolution

SO! Happy Belated 2013. I made a goal to update this at LEAST once a month-hopefully more. We shall see. ;)

2012 was an AMAZING year. Here is a little newsletter from us to you. Also, we have included pictures. :)

Happy New Year!
We had a wonderful year. We were able to go a few places this past year. We went to Bear Lake to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Daley-it was such a blast! St. George was definitely our favorite temperature though. We visited Great Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to visit and relax. :) In the summer we were at St George also, for a funeral. We were going to head up to Las Vegas to walk around, but it was WAY too hot with Scott. So we just went back to Utah instead. :) Pretty laid back year, but we had a new baby, so we couldn't do TOO much.

KC finished 2 more semesters of school last year. He is now on his final semester before student teaching. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally here! He is so excited to be able to student teach/internship this coming year. He is teaching 3 piano students, 1 voice student and 1 violin student right now, and trying to expand that. He is working at a place called MyFastPC as a technician; he fixes email problems and viruses on computers. (So if you ever need someone to help you out..give him a call!) He loves movies, and being with family. We don't get to see him as often as we like, so we cherish every moment we have together. He is the Ward Choir Director in church, and was complimented many times for the wonderful Christmas performance. Mind you, he only had 3 weeks to get the choir started back up, rehearse and perform, plus it was his first performance as director-he did awesome! He is still an amazing singer, violinist and pianist. He loves his little boy. They have so much fun together.

Erica has been a stay at home mom these past 9 months. She has absolutely loved being home with Scott and being able to teach him new things everyday. She is starting school up this semester, and is so excited to be going back. She is doing just a couple online classes-but that will be plenty. :) She loves being with KC and Scott, and making memories. She is trying to start up photography-not professional, just snapshots here and there of the family. She was just recently called as a Primary teacher for 4 year olds, and she is SO excited! She loves little kids :) She is currently in the process of getting back down to her pre-wedding weight-finally got back to pre-pregnancy! That was an accomplishment. :) She loves her boys.

Scott is just about 9 months old! We can't believe how fast time has flown! He has now been out of Mom's tummy longer than he's been in it. He is adorable. He loves bananas, and playing hide and seek with mommy. He will even come looking for her (after she calls him for a while). He LOVES daddy time. Forget about mom when dad's home! He is crawling all over the place, and his first tooth is almost in. He loves to "fly" with Dad, and is still super camera shy. (That is why there are no pictures of him smiling-he won't do it in front of the camera.) He loves typing on the computer, and will crawl straight for it if you open it. He loves visiting his Grandmas and Grandpas. He is so lucky to have them so close together. His absolute favorite thing though, is to follow his Grandpa Daley around in his car. Grandpa has his power chair, and Scott races around the kitchen in his little walker. It is the cutest thing. He loves watching and feeling any type of wheel. He is our precious little boy, and we love him so much.

We wish you all a wonderful New Year. We love you!

-KC, Erica and Scott

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Scott K. McMillan

Wow...It has been what, 5 months since I have updated? Sorry, we haven't had the internet! But, a LOT has happened obviously in these past few months. Last I updated, I was still pregnant. how crazy.

 Beginning the middle of April, I had been put on strict bed rest and we had been going back and forth from the hospital because I had developed preeclampsia-I had high protein levels and high blood pressure. On the 3rd of May we went in, and my protein level had doubled from the day before-which isn't good. The doctor came in to speak with us, and said that we didn't have much of a choice of what to do. So they sent me home to do one more 24 hour urine test, and said that when I come back the next day, if my protein levels were high still, then they would induce me-or even if they weren't any higher but stayed the same, they would still induce. Imagine how I felt then! I was not even close to being ready-I still thought I had a whole month left to get ready. So we went home, and packed the hospital bag-we were so nervous!!! Skip to the next day-we went to the hospital in the afternoon, after my 24 hrs were up, and lo and behold my protein level had gone up. Thus began the induction at 2 am.

On oxygen to keep Scott's heartrate up

I was dilated to a 1 already before they even started-and that was 4 weeks before I was even due-by 4 am I had dilated to a 3 or 4. Apparently I had been having contractions already, but I didn't even feel them at all. Boy, was I in for a surprise. (thank goodness for epidurrals...almost) 6 o'clock rolls around, and they came and broke my water. After that, it sped up quite a bit. My epidurral couldn't keep up with how fast my labor was going, and I have a newfound awe of women who go natural. Contractions HURT! Thankfully my midwife was there and said to start pushing! 20 minutes later, Scott K. McMillan was born. May 6th, 2012. He was perfect. And soo handsome. He was little-weighed only 4 lbs. 11 oz.

My sweet sweet husband, first day as a Dad :)

 He was fully developed, and our little miracle-but he had trouble eating enough and keeping his body temperature up. So he was placed in the NICU. That was the hardest time for me, because I was not able to get up and see him for almost a whole day, because I was still recovering from my epidurral, and they also had me on magnesium and I had a dumb catheter for a while cause I couldn't get out of bed. But, when I did get to see him, I still couldn't believe he is mine. He is so perfect and beautiful, and I wanted to get him out of that hospital!

What a cutie pie!

Two of my most favorite boys

5 days later, he was released from the hospital, and we got to go home!!!

He has been such a joy to KC and I, and we love our little Scotty to pieces. The past 4 months have been incredible, and he has brought such happiness into our lives. At his 4 month checkup, he weighed 12 lbs 1 oz-almost tripling his birth weight.

He has learned how to roll over from his tummy to his back, he can grab at toys, hold them and shake them, he loves chewing on his fingers and still hasn't learned that when he chokes on them, not to take them out :P He loves to smile, and has even given me a laugh a few times. He loves it when daddy comes home, and talks to him like crazy. He has such a wonderful personality already, and we are so excited to raise our little miracle boy :)

1 month old

Beam me up Scotty! (his aunt Tam made this for him)

His first play-the Wizard of Oz

Perfect, cute little face!

2 months old

(I'm sorry I don't have updated phone is being dumb)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Wow, it has been a while since the last post!
I thought that I would get so into blogging, but this is only my 3rd post since I started, and there has been so much time in between posts. Sorry to you 2 family members who are following me, you've probably been dying to know what's been going on! ;)

Well, I am now 31 1/2 weeks along. I still can't believe that our little boy is almost here. I have been feeling the normal pregnancy discomforts, and am just trying to push through it all, because I know it is worth it. :) I know this is completely irrelevant, but I don't know how I feel about my belly button now. :P It is neither wanting to pop out nor stay in, so I believe that I have a flat one, but it looks bruised. Kind of gross looking-my sisters don't like looking at it. ;) I still have yet to put the nursery together.. :/ I'm way behind, I know. But, that leads into what I have been so excited about! Cause I was waiting for my sister to get home from her mission to finally put it together and....

She's home!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

haha. yep, we were that excited. ;)

Definitely a little difference there!!
It is so much fun having her home!! I missed her so much!! She doesn't have too much of an accent though, just talks a little bit faster. ;) She loved her mission though, I can definitely tell that. :) :) It's been a week today since she has been home. Time definitely has flown, but it has been so fun having her back :D

I have my next doctors appt next week! This will be the last one before I go every 2 weeks. That's kinda scary...that means that he is almost here..

I just found out I was released from YW's too. :'( I am going to miss it a lot!!!

Well, that's all for now my fellow friends. Until next time. (which hopefully won't be so far apart!)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Old maid and a Doctor's visit

Good morning!

Yesterday was our monthly doctor's visit, and it was oh so very exciting. We went there and got my blood pressure(which is back to normal, thank goodness. it was high before), and got my weight weighed (is that how you would say it?), and they took us to the exam room. We sat there for about 25 minutes waiting for our OB to show up. (those exam tables aren't that comfortable for a pregnant lady to sit on for that long.) Our OB finally came in, and we listened to our boy's heartbeat-140 bpm! That's slower than it has been before, it was 160 before, but we'll take it. :) I love hearing his heartbeat. Then she measured my stomach and I am measuring a week ahead at 25 cm. but at least I am growing. :) I am embarassed to say this, but I have gained 12 lbs since my last visit! :( I just use the excuse that my boy's hungry, and he needs to eat a lot. ;) We also found out that I have negative blood type, which means that I have to get a rhogam shot at my 28 week appt. I have to take glucose and get my blood drawn then also, (I've heard it's torture to drink that).  Definitely not excited for that, but I'm almost there, only 15 1/2 weeks til I'm 40 weeks! Hopefully he'll come before then, I wouldn't mind. :)

we played old maid with just two of us. it really is pretty easy when there's just two of you. KC doesn't have that great of a poker face, and ended up with old maid last both times. when I would start to pull old maid out, he starts to smile and laugh, so I put it back and take the other card. I wouldn't call that cheating-just strategy. ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012