Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Falling, crawling and Wheels

Are you proud? It has only been 9 days since I posted last-Here's a start to the new year!

Scotty has been crawling like crazy. He started when he was about 7 months, and he LOVES it. He wasn't quite sure about it at first-he loved his army crawling, but he has now learned that crawling on all fours is WAY faster. He is now our little terrorist, and I can't believe that the day has come so quickly that we have to baby proof our house. He's so big! He has one tooth now that is still growing in-but it is SUPER sharp. I didn't even know how sharp a tooth can be.
He has also learned how to stand up. on Everything. and I mean everything. He'll crawl straight into the bathroom and climb right up onto the bathtub and knock everything into the tub, then he'll go right to the toilet and start hitting the lid like a drum. He has also learned how to pull our movies out, and he loves it. When he wakes up in the morning, he'll stand in his crib and just talk to himself while hitting the side of it. I love it! The only thing I don't like is when he falls. He had his first goose egg (luckily it didn't last very long, we tried getting a picture, but it didn't work out too well). He falls ALL the time. I guess it's the process of learning. He's going to be walking soon and it kind of scares me.
Wheels wheels Wheels. He can't get enough of them. He loves all kinds of wheels. Big ones, small ones, moving ones, ones on carts, some on strollers, grandpa's power chair, his little toy car, his big toy truck. No matter the size, he will go straight for them. It is impossible to take him to the grocery store with just one of us, because he will wiggle and wiggle so he can see the cart's wheels. It is so hilarious, but yet frustrating at the same time!

Becca's birthday has come and gone. We did a Megamind birthday party for her. (We now have a tradition in our family of doing birthday parties like you would for little kids). It was super fun! We played tape the baby next to metro man, "Destroy" Titan, and you had to build something out of straws and duct tape that would withhold the most amount of weight! To top it off, we wore blue balloons on our heads with Megamind faces drawn on. We had a delicious pumpkin dessert for cake also. It was fun-we love hanging out with family!

This is my favorite face. IT is his trademark face.

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