Wednesday, February 13, 2013

9 Months already?!

I can't believe it.
My boy is grown up. 9 months old already-when did that happen?? He is so big. Well, big to us. We had his doctor's appointment on Friday, and he is actually really small. He only weighs 16 lbs, but thankfully he has grown much taller-he is now 28"! He's going to be tall and skinny. The doctor said that he is getting enough calories thankfully, since he is growing taller. He now has 4 teeth-that was fun, since three of them came in at the same time-a week after his first tooth came in. But he is over that now, and loving not being sick anymore! he had a fever of 102 and scared us for a little bit-he was so groggy and just wanted to snuggle all day (which is very unusual for him). But, he is back. And I love playing with him. His favorite game to play is hide and seek. He will play with me for an hour or so. We have 4 different hiding spots in the house, and if I go to a "non-regular" one, then he will either pass right by me, or not want to play anymore. It's so cute.

Scott LOVES daddy time. Absolutely loves it. So much so that he doesn't want daddy to leave. Because when he sees that he's stuck with mommy again, he will start crying. I love seeing KC and Scott playing together. They love each other so much.

Scotty can also now eat anything! Well, mostly anything anyways. He hates green beans, never has liked them. He loves apple sauce, and carrots. Which I am glad that he likes some vegetables and not just fruits.

Oh, I gave the lesson in Primary on Sunday. Boy, was that fun. I barely got through the lesson. The kids were crazy. That is one thing that is hard about teaching that young of an age (4 year olds). They have such short attention spans, and really need activities to do. So, the last 20 minutes of class, we had paper airplane throwing contests. Yes, I know, it isn't very spiritual, but they had a ton of fun, and I was almost able to make it through the end of the lesson. So yes, if you teach little kids, they love matching games and paper airplanes. I am teaching this week again, so I hope that it goes better than last week. Wish me luck!

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