Thursday, February 16, 2012

Old maid and a Doctor's visit

Good morning!

Yesterday was our monthly doctor's visit, and it was oh so very exciting. We went there and got my blood pressure(which is back to normal, thank goodness. it was high before), and got my weight weighed (is that how you would say it?), and they took us to the exam room. We sat there for about 25 minutes waiting for our OB to show up. (those exam tables aren't that comfortable for a pregnant lady to sit on for that long.) Our OB finally came in, and we listened to our boy's heartbeat-140 bpm! That's slower than it has been before, it was 160 before, but we'll take it. :) I love hearing his heartbeat. Then she measured my stomach and I am measuring a week ahead at 25 cm. but at least I am growing. :) I am embarassed to say this, but I have gained 12 lbs since my last visit! :( I just use the excuse that my boy's hungry, and he needs to eat a lot. ;) We also found out that I have negative blood type, which means that I have to get a rhogam shot at my 28 week appt. I have to take glucose and get my blood drawn then also, (I've heard it's torture to drink that).  Definitely not excited for that, but I'm almost there, only 15 1/2 weeks til I'm 40 weeks! Hopefully he'll come before then, I wouldn't mind. :)

we played old maid with just two of us. it really is pretty easy when there's just two of you. KC doesn't have that great of a poker face, and ended up with old maid last both times. when I would start to pull old maid out, he starts to smile and laugh, so I put it back and take the other card. I wouldn't call that cheating-just strategy. ;)

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  1. Fun stuff!! The glucose isn't that bad. Be sure to get the orange one and make sure it's nice and cold ( of course you can't use ice so just put it in the fridge over night before you drink it) So exciting! At least you weren't in the nude on the exam table for that long, otherwise you do stick :o) hee hee, love ya!